Create the Outdoors Inside your Home

Create the Outdoors Inside your Home

Just because your home doesn’t have countryside views doesn’t mean that you can’t still find a way to be at one with nature.

There are lots of ways to give your interior a natural feel that can make it a cosy and peaceful retreat from the urban hustle and bustle outdoors. Here are just a few ways to bring the outdoors into your home.


Buy some houseplants

Houseplants will immediately breathe life into your home. If you haven’t got much greenery outside your window, adding a plant or two to each window sill could make up for it.

There are lots of advantages to growing plants inside your home. They can dehumidify the air, fight off illness and bring fresh smells to your home.

Houseplants have even been shown to improve concentration and sleep quality. Different plants can benefit certain rooms – certain tropical plants can help to reduce damp in the bathroom by being efficient at soaking up moisture in the air, whilst the likes of lavender can help you sleep and is ideal for a bedroom.


Use natural materials

You can also stay in tune with nature by using less synthetic materials inside your home. Try opting for natural wood furniture when it comes to tables and TV stands and cabinets.

As for upholstery or blinds, you could try rattan furnishings as found at the Rattan and Lighting Company. Other materials to consider include stone, leather and wool. Avoid hard plastics, synthetic fibres, industrial metal and overly processed wood.


Use earthy tones

When trying to find a natural colour scheme, you should avoid loud and glossy colours. These colours have a more artificial feel to them as you don’t find them as often in nature. Stick to more earthy hues such as browns, beiges, greys and greens. These tones will have a more calming and natural effect. Sites such as Earth Pigments sell these earthy paints.


I chose a mid sage green for my office to make it a calm and peaceful place and I absolutely love the colour. Plants are also good for improving productivity as they produce more oxygen.


Use the outdoors inside your home by using earth colours. Study with green walls and plants

My new desk space is probably my favourite in the whole house.


Maximise natural light

Too much artificial light could add a synthetic feel to your home. Find ways to let more natural light into each room.

Installing extra windows is one way to do this. Skylights are a great option for letting in light from above.

If installing extra windows isn’t an option, you could always try reflecting sunlight using mirrors. By placing a mirror opposite a window, you can create the illusion that there’s another window there. Reflective surfaces such as chrome steel, polished stone and laminated wood can also help to let more light into a room.


Introduce natural scents

You may also be able to bring a more natural feel inside your home by introducing natural scents. This means avoiding chemical air fresheners and using aromas made from raw ingredients. You can make your own DIY home scents by boiling ingredients such as citrus, thyme, pine needles and rosemary in a pan. Incense sticks and scented candles can be another way of introducing natural aromas into your home.


Living in a built-up residential area, I always miss the great outdoors. Me and Jay are planning to move in a couple of years’ time, and we want somewhere with some wonderful outdoor spaces, and a little bit more rural. Being in the country makes us both happier.

I use loads of green inside my home (including our green tiles in the kitchen) to help bring the outside in. Do you love the outdoors feel, or do you choose a more modern look?


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