Keep the heat in your home this winter

Keep the heat in your home this winter

The weather is certainly getting colder and autumn is well and truly here, which I love!

But while it can be very picturesque to take long walks in the park with all the beautiful oranges and browns you can see, our homes are about to take a battering as winter is just around the corner.

We often don’t realise how under threat our homes can be, or how much we take advantage that they’ll be warm. But have you done enough to ensure that you’ll keep the heat in your home to make it toasty and comfortable all winter?


Keep the heat in your home and the cold outside

This may sound like an obvious point to make. Obviously you need to keep the heat in your home and the coldness at bay, but can you really do that if you don’t even realise that heat is escaping?

Your windows and your doors could be losing valuable heat, so maybe now is the time to invest in some new ones ahead of the colder season. This is when looking online and getting some quotes for different ranges could prove useful.

You could try a company like Anglian* where you can get up to 50% off new windows and doors in time for winter.


keep the heat in your home with proper double glazing


If your budget is a little smaller, get some draught excluders to sit under your doors, keeping the cooler air out.


Protect those pipes exposed to the elements

Pipes that are on the outside of your home are exposed to the elements. So when the temperature drops, any water running through them can freeze. Which, of course, means that when they thaw, they can expand and cause pipes to burst or leak. This can leave you with mega problems on the coldest of days.

Why not protect them in advance by adding a foam covering to them? This ensures that the temperature remains a few degrees warmer and could avoid any nasty surprises.


Make sure your heating system is working as it should

The last thing any of us wants is a cold day to arrive and the heating won’t turn on. It’s amazing how fast your home can get cold. So a little hindsight can go a long way, which means getting an engineer or specialist to give your heating system the once over or even service your boiler.

It may also be advisable to switch it on and get a timer system. You don’t have to switch the temperature high, but it could help identify any problems you might have in advance of the colder weather returning.


Could your home be warmer?

Finally, could your home be warmer? You have a great heating system. You’ve taken into account energy saving methods, but is there anything else you can consider ahead of the winter? One thing would be the insulation you have. That might be in your walls or the loft area. It is always advisable to speak to specialists on this to ensure that you are doing the right thing.


Keep the heat in your home with these tips. You might even see a reduction in your heating bill which would be a bonus!


*Affiliate link. This means I may earn a commission when you buy a product through the link. 


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