2018 Trend Alert: Concrete Decor

2018 Trend Alert: Concrete Decor

Concrete as a material used in home accessories isn’t necessarily a ‘new’ trend. We saw it in 2011, and 2014. But concrete decor is back and here’s how you can use it in your home this Summer.

Elle Decor announced that concrete decor accents would appear in 2018, to be used in pen holders, plant pots and candles. It’s a brave decor move that requires a warm room filled with soft furnishings, otherwise the concrete can appear harsh, cold and grey. Here’s the ways you might want to consider using concrete decor in your home.


Feather and Nest have a gorgeous collection of Paddywax candles that come in these amazing concrete tubs. The colour bands on them add a hint of much needed colour and modernism, and it means you can match the candle to your current home decor colour scheme.

Paddywax candles from Feather and Nest. Concrete candles

What’s even better is that once the candle has burned all the way, you can use the tub for something else afterwards. Maybe a plant, a ring holder, a tub for rubber bands. Whatever you need it for, use it!

The candles not only look nice, but smell amazing (which is kind of important). And look how well it goes with my concrete plant tub:


Concrete Sink

Next on the concrete decor list is a sink. Concrete sinks actually have a surprising amount of benefits. They have a low carbon footprint, being made out of gravel, rock, sand and cement. Your sink can be made from any measurements you want, and will fit any size work surface. It’s such a flexible material that looks amazing too.

Concrete decor used in house in Mexico. Concrete sink

Photo credit: https://www.remodelista.com/posts/casa-tiny-airbnb-mexico-affordable-escape/

Concrete Planters

Concrete tubs for your plants can be used indoors or outdoors and have a modern look that I love.

Concrete plant tubs from Design Milk

Photo credit: https://design-milk.com/concrescence-modern-concrete-wood-planters/

The greenery really helps to add a suburban feel to what is an industrial design.

However you choose to use concrete decor this 2018, make sure you add some softness to it. It’s a daring look, but be brave!

*Feather and Nest gifted the product in return for this post.  


  1. March 20, 2018 / 7:12 pm

    Great post! I always get inspired by your blogs x

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