Garage Organisation: How We Managed It

Garage Organisation: How We Managed It

These garage organisation tips and tricks will have your garage looking immaculate in no time!

When renovating a house, less important rooms and spaces get forgotten about. A garage, shed, or other outbuilding usually gets left until last. However, whether you decide to renovate your garage or not, it doesn’t have to be messy and disorganised!

When me and Jay finally get around to re-doing our garden and front drive, we’ll be making the double garage look a bit nicer and less like the outside of a prison.


Garage before picture - messy!

The garage before

Okay, it’s not THAT bad, but it is a bit of an eyesore that might make selling the house difficult. So, until we do have the money to pretty-fy it, we’ve settled for some simple tidying up. I wrote a post a while ago about how to organise your garage. Now me and Jay are putting it into practice.



Garage organisation simply cannot be achieved without the correct storage. Storage is everything in an outbuilding. It’s much better to have high shelving and storage solutions, than keep everything thrown on the floor. We bought these racks from Costco for £50 each. They’re so sturdy, easy to put together, and actually look nice too.


Garage Organisation: Using shelving to reduce mess. Units and shelving in a garage


GearHooks also very kindly provided us with some extra storage solutions. They provide hooks that can be easily nailed to the wall that will hold all kinds of sports equipment, and other bits and pieces you might have. If you’re an avid family of bikers, or skiiers, then you probably need this equipment!


bike attached to gearhooks equipment


Sort Out and Throw Out

It’s so easy for junk to build up in your garage. Garage organisation isn’t just about cleaning up what you’ve got, but also throwing things out. We’ve still got kitchen units that are spare in ours, but we know we can’t put them in the house anywhere. So why on earth are we keeping them?

If you’ve got 3 bottles of screenwash open, condense them all into one. Maybe you’ve got bottles of car shampoo that are nearly run out. Just chuck them. Found some paintbrushes that are so hard, the bristles are immovable? Get rid!


Clean Up

Garages are places that will easily gather damp, mould, and animals. Especially if you keep the dog biscuits in there. Once everything has been thrown out, you need to clean everything. We swept the floor, tidied the units, and Jay got rid of the mouse bed he found…

We’ve had an issue with damp in the garage. The garage doesn’t have any foundations; it’s just been built on top of the ground. This means we get a lot of water coming in between the walls and the floor. This is why Jay’s dark brown drawer unit is sitting on pieces of wood!

He’s now fixed this by pouring concrete around all the edges of the garage, and filling in the remaining cracks with expanding foam.

View of the garage with drawer unit and large toolbox.


We’re yet to clean the inside of the spare fridge and freezer we keep in there, but we’re well on the way to have having a clean, organised garage!


*Thank you to GearHooks who gifted their products in return for this post. 

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