How to Style Dark Walls in your Home

How to Style Dark Walls in your Home

You’ve made the bold decision to use dark-coloured paint in your home, but now you’re wondering how to style dark walls.

I wrote a post quite recently about 2017 A/W trends, and I included dark walls as a feature that would continue to impress. But it got me thinking about how to style dark walls best. Dark paint is a bold look, and only certain rooms can hold it. This post will advise you on how to style dark walls to make them a standout feature, and not a dark, dingy space that you’ll regret.

Think through your decision

Are you the sort of person who gets bored with a paint colour after a year? Then a dark colour is not the right choice for you. You’ll need to really love it, from the day you put it on, to five years later. Take your time buying testers, and remember to buy testers from different brands, not all the same one. There can be a big difference in colour depending on which paint brand you go with.

Make sure it will match your current furniture

There’s no point painting a whole room, and then having to change all your furniture because it doesn’t match. If you’re worried, you can go with a dark grey as most things will go with this.

Take a look at this grey room from Mad About the House. The white floor and ceiling, combined with the warm red tones of the sofa and carpet and oak furniture means the room doesn’t look too cold or bare.



A surprising amount of colours go with navy blue as well, including green and pink. Just thoroughly consider your options. Use a colour chart if you’re unsure about which colours will go with what.

Make sure you have enough natural light

how to style dark walls in your bedroom

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Unlike pale colours, light cannot bounce off dark walls. You need a large window in order to pull off the look, but note, that doesn’t mean your room has to be large to pull of a bold colour. This is a big misconception. It isn’t about the size of the room, but how you arrange the furniture, and the amount of light you’ve got.

In the picture from Mad About the House (further up the page) , they’ve painted their ceiling white, but also about a fifth of the way down the walls too. This gives the impression of a much higher ceiling and creates so much more light in the room.

You don’t just want tonnes of natural light, but also enough artificial light for the evenings, unless you want to feel like you’re sat in a cave. You’ll need lighting in all the corners of the room, and try to avoid just one ceiling light. Consider some wall lights and floor lights together so the lighting isn’t so much concentrated to one place, but spreads in an even glow around the room.


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You’ll need some light-coloured accessories

With dark walls, you’ll need plenty of accessories that lift the room. This could mean getting some artwork with a light background to put on the walls.

Look at this image from Martina Gemmola:



The white in the floor and the white accessories such as the plant pot and the cushion lift the whole room. They become the focal point, so much so, that the shelving unit and sofa almost blend into the walls. This is an amazing demonstration of how well blue and green can work together. If that was my room, I’d be inclined to add a picture gallery above the sofa to help water down the navy blue walls.

I love a dark bookshelf that holds lots of white or light coloured objects and books, and I found this one from DesignSixtyNine.



Not only is the bookshelf a dark grey, but the walls are too. If you’re worried about the size of a bookcase or unit, this is a wonderful tip. Painting it the same colour as the walls makes it blend in. It almost becomes a part of the wall, making it much less imposing. The bookcase has been broken up with white and green objects. Look to the middle of the bookshelf on the far right; the spines of the books are all white, which really makes a feature of the shelf.

So there are my top tips on how to style dark walls in your house. Is anyone considering them? Or have you already got dark walls and love them?



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