What’s Your Go-To Colour for your Home?

What’s Your Go-To Colour for your Home?

We all have our favourite colour, the colour we always go to when buying clothes, or picking wallpaper.

But have you ever thought about what your go-to colour might suggest about your personality?

My go-to colour to use around the home is green, and I have NO idea why. I first used sage green in our tiles in the kitchen.


Green kitchen splashback tiles in a cream country kitchen


I’m not very daring with colours, and so these were a very bold choice for me. But I still love them, so I know I made the right choice.

The second use of green in our home was our bedding fromĀ https://www.juliancharles.co.uk/bedding/type/duvet-covers. I found it in the sale and knew it would match our country-feel home perfectly!


Lily on the bed with Julian Charles bedding

Lily modelling our Julian Charles bedroom (look at that front paw pose!)


The third use of green in our home was our curtains/blind. I could picture my curtains before I saw the material. When I spotted the material in Simon Boyd Interiors, I knew they were what I wanted. My bridesmaid’s mum made them as our wedding present.

Living room with sofa, coffee table and TV


So what does the colour green say about my personality? According to Julian Charles, I’m a loyal friend and partner, and am always the friend people come to when they need a good chat, moan, or cry! When it comes to my home, Julian Charles say that I tend to buy what I like, and not what’s in style, or on trend. I’d definitely say that’s right.

I buy things because I like them, not because some magazine has said that I should.

Because of getting married, I haven’t been able to finish the house as much as I would like. We still need to buy a tumble dryer, blinds for the kitchen, shelving for the living room, and lots of plants!

I’ve finally found some art for that big empty space above the fire, so keep an eye out on my Instagram for the big reveal (once Mr Macklin actually puts it up…).

What’s your go-to colour to use in your home? #ColourYourPersonality


*Post in collaboration with Julian Charles

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