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Greige Inspiration for your Home

If you’ve been scrolling through any home interior Instagram accounts, you’ll notice it’s no longer about grey.

Introducing Greige.

What colour is greige?

Greige is the ultimate combination of grey and beige to make your home feel super cosy. The great thing about this colour trend is that it’s so flexible. You can pair it with greys, creams and colours depending on what you want, but I personally think it works best with classic whites.

Greige colours can differ – some have more beige in and others more grey. The example I use in my moodboard below definitely has a solid grey undertone, but you can choose a more neutral brown if you wish.

It’s been so popular, even paint company Lick has got a greige range that is complete with two shades.

If you’re thinking of turning your home into a greige beauty, then look no further. Here you can find all the greige bedroom inspiration you need, with a moodboard at the end that gives you some product ideas!

Greige Living Room Inspiration

If you’re considering greige in your living room, then look no further. The styled images below should give you everything you need to encourage you to take the plunge.

Modern living space with an archway that looks into a greige living room with a black sofa

I think this image demonstrates how greige can take on all other colours, including daring ones like black.

A light greige living room with mustard sofa and marble table

I love the living space above, as I think it really reflects how flexible greige can be. The wall colour is a very light grey-beige but the mustard-yellow sofa just makes the whole thing feel very cosy. It shows you greige isn’t necessarily a ‘safe’ colour, as there are other ways and means of expressing your style.

Greige walls with mid-century modern furniture, including a sideboard, large rug and orange tub chair

I’m a sucker for a plant, but this greige just called to me. The flooring, the rug, the orange/yellow accents and the mid-century modern furniture make this space perfect.

Greige Bedroom Inspiration

Greige can be used anywhere in your house, including the kitchen, living space and bathroom. But it’s calmness and cosiness makes it perfect for the bedroom.

Greige walls in a bedroom with a copper or brass bed.

This bedroom truly has the perfect greige and you can see how nicely the crisp white bedding helps to break it up. I think this styled bedroom also demonstrates how perfectly metallics go with greige too. Here we have what looks like a dulled copper or brass bed and a rose gold bedside lamp. The effect is gorgeous.

Boho style bedroom with cream bedding and accessories and greige walls.

I chose to include this image because it’s so different from any of the other examples in this inspiration guide. It’s got such a boho, relaxed vibe with the vintage rug, the globe on the trunk at the end of the bed, the plants and the hanging plants. The greige walls are quite light but I love how there’s almost no colour in the room. Everything has been kept cream and neutral and it works so well.

Modern bedroom with greige and green walls and orange touches on the bed.

This is our final greige bedroom and I’m dying! Everything about it is beautiful and it does show how you can introduce lots of other colours to go with it. There’s the dark green feature wall at the back, the tan cushions, and then the black accidents in the cushions, rugs and furniture. There are a whole host of wooden and metallic elements which I love. Mixing textures is a big yes from me.

Now we’ve had our fill of greige images, take a look at this picture of a grey and white bedroom. Doesn’t it feel very cold and stark in comparison? While greys are still in style with no sign of leaving any time soon, it is clear that greige can make for a very cosy home.

White and grey bedroom that looks quite cold in comparison to greige.

Greige Moodboard

I love creating a moodboard as it really helps me to see how a space will come together. When it comes to greige, I’ve put a greige (though predominantly grey) paint on the walls and matched it with some gorgeous light wooden flooring for a bit of a scandi feel. Everyone needs a bedroom chair so I’ve added one here and then gone modern with the rattan/cane lamp which I LOVE and the drawing prints which really enhance the greige in the room.

White cushions and bedding will help to break up the space, and I’ve added a nice fluffy rug to soften the wooden floor. What do you think of my creation?

Chair – Homebase – £60 | Paint – Graham & Brown – Dew Drops | Cushions – Matalan – £16 each | Print 1 – Desenio – from £12.95 | Print 2 – Desenio – from £12.95 | Floor lamp – Made.com – £159 |

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  1. June 11, 2021 / 9:25 pm

    We noticed this too. Grey and beige being paired together so much. It was grey for the longest time and this softens it a bit.

    • June 11, 2021 / 9:37 pm

      Yes it’s definitely much warmer. Thanks for commenting!

  2. June 15, 2021 / 1:26 pm

    I didn’t realise Greige was a colour, but loving the inspo in this post! Very modern 🙂

    • June 16, 2021 / 9:24 am

      I’ve seen the term batted around on Instagram recently but I hadn’t heard of it before then!

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