The Best Staircases for Small Spaces

The Best Staircases for Small Spaces

Staircases can take up a lot of space, but we don’t necessarily want them to. Have you thought about the best staircases for small spaces, and how they might benefit you?

A staircase is a necessity, but also takes up precious space if your home is on the smaller side. Our staircase is in our living room. We decided against adding a hallway as it would be a dark space with the only natural light coming from the front door, which is frosted glass. It would also make the lounge nearly half the size, which we didn’t want at all.


Staircase for small spaces: Living room sofa with coffee table and stair case behind

When we bought the house, the stairs were boarded in. They were covered in wooden cladding which made the room feel small and dark. That was one of the first things to go in the skip. We then decided on traditional railings painted white to lighten the stairs. I love the way they turned out.

There are loads of hints and tips on what to do with staircases for small spaces that look modern without looking bulky.


Modern design

Have you thought about choosing a ladder staircase, or a spiral staircase? These modern staircases¬†go vertically up, instead of taking up lots of space lengthways. Their slim railings also mean you can see through them, which gives the appearance that they’re not really there.


White spiral staircase in living room


These types of staircase are particularly good for flats that are set over two floors. They also work well going from a first floor into a converted attic space.

Always choose light colours over dark ones too. White or pale wood stairs will make them blend in more than dark wood or black will.


Types of Railing

The type and style of railing you go for will give the appearance of gaining or losing space. If you chose a wood stairs railing, choose one that has a minimalist design.

You should use quite thin railings so you can see plenty of daylight through them. Avoid lots of detail such as wood carvings, and solid chunks of wood. These will suck lots of light out, making the space appear smaller.


Use functional stairs

If you’re concerned about the amount of (or lack of) storage in your home, have you thought about installing storage in your staircase?

If you have quite a large staircase, but don’t want to change it too much, you can utilise the space underneath, or even within each stair.

Turn each step into a separate drawer for holding all kinds of bits and pieces. You can put books in them, other household knick knacks, or even shoes!


There are so many ways you can make use of staircases in small spaces. And a staircase can still be a statement piece and a bit of a talking point. Just see what works for your house!


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