Creating a Period Study

Creating a Period Study

Planning an office renovation? Create a period study with these ideas!

Whether you’re turning your spare room into an office or would like to renovate your existing office space, there are many ways to do this.

You might prefer to go completely modern, or perhaps add some style and character by including some vintage or antique furniture. If old style is more you, here are a few antique ideas to help you create a period study that positively inspires!


The Writing Desk

The very heart of any study, a period writing desk will be the focal point of the study and with online suppliers of antique writing desksyou can browse at your leisure until you find something ideal. The great thing about using antique furniture is the investment factor. If you’re careful with your selection, the desk will increase in value as time passes.

A Georgian mahogany partners’ desk with a real leather writing surface will inspire any budding novelist, while an Edwardian oak desk brings style and elegance to any study.



Essential to any period study, there are many options in the lighting department, with a Victorian brass oil light making the ideal feature. Tasteful silver candlesticks will certainly not look out of place and the flickering light will help to create the right atmosphere to pen that master novel. If you’re opting for an antique look, you must follow suit with the lighting. There is much to choose from with a central chandelier that can provide both general and task lighting.


Desk Chairs

The main chair obviously must look like it belongs with the writing desk and it needs to be comfortable. If you have a degree of imagination, consider the historical side of your furniture. Could it be that Charles III penned his love letters at this very desk? Or perhaps a Royal Decree was created on the very chair you are sitting on, changing the course of history forever.


Wall Art

This setting simply cries out for an antiquated map of the world and, with a few well-placed oil paintings, you have the ideal ambience for writing. The golden rule with period study décor is to avoid bright colours. There should be suitable shading, to reduce the amount of natural light. There are some great wall art ideas for an antique setting, which might just give you some inspiration.


Online Antique Dealers

You’d be best looking for antique furniture online. Many small independent antique dealers from all parts of the UK advertise their best pieces online, with each item well-presented using high resolution images and a well-written description. Once you have found what you’re looking for, you can arrange a private viewing, where you can discuss the piece with the expert.


Professional Advice

The trouble with antique furniture is that it’s very easy to get it wrong. If you are relatively new to antiques, seeking out the advice of an online antique dealer would be a wise move. Not only can they advise about acquisition, they know about the value and will always have your best interests at heart.


Do some online research on effective ways to create a period study and you will be able to build your own writing space. Start with the focal point – the writing desk – and gradually select items that complement. With a keen eye and a good antique dealer in your corner, it won’t take long to acquire everything you need and your study will be complete.


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