Wedding Morning Prep and Accessories

Wedding Morning Prep and Accessories

The wedding morning prep was probably the part of my wedding I was most looking forward to.

Obviously I was looking forward to marrying my now-husband (I’d be worried if I wasn’t), but for me the wedding morning prep was the exciting part.

Having all your bridesmaids over, having your hair and makeup done, cracking the champagne at 10am, getting into your dream dress. It’s like a teenager’s idea of the perfect slumber party, only better!

But if you’re not careful, this part of the morning can run away with you. You need to plan everything in advance. Your hair and makeup team will know how many people they’ve got to prepare, so they’ll arrive accordingly. But you need to keep an eye on the time. It’s so easy to have a glass of champagne and be sat chatting away. Before you know it, the cars have arrived and you’re not even in your dress yet (this happened to me).

There are also lots of little extras and accessories you might want to consider for the wedding morning prep. What is it you’d really like to have in your photos, or to keep forever afterwards? I’ve written a post outlining extras you might want to consider to make your morning that little bit special.


New PJs/Bridal Robe

This is one thing I didn’t think about, and I regretted it. In my pictures, I’m in my standard, everyday, comfy PJs. They’re Calvin Klein so at least they’re a little more upmarket, but I wish I’d bought a gorgeous new white satin set.

I also didn’t want to wear a bra that morning. My dress was strapless and had a low back, and I didn’t want bra indentations that made it look like I was still wearing one.

So most of my wedding morning prep photos includes me with my arms folded or covering my chest!


'Mrs' embroidered onto the back of a white bridal robe


Hunkemoller do this bridal kimono (a snippet pictured above) which is perfect for the wedding morning, and for any photos. The problem with my Calvin Klein jumper was that I had to lift it over my head after I’d spent two hours in hair and makeup. I DEFINITELY advise wearing a button down or a robe so you don’t mess your hair up or accidentally pull your falsies off.


Personalised Hangers

I bought some gorgeous personalised hangers from Etsy for me and my bridesmaids.


Bridal dress on personalised bride hanger


They had each persons’ name on, as well as their ‘role’, i.e. maid of honour, bridesmaid, etc. and the date of the wedding. I assume my bridesmaids will be keeping their dresses, so these hangers are the perfect thing to store them on.

My dress is still hanging up in my spare room on its hanger (I can’t bring myself to put it in the loft yet).


Food and Drink

My mum prepared most of the food and drink for the wedding morning prep. She bought enough for suppliers as well as bridesmaids. Don’t forget about your suppliers! Your hair and make up artists might want breakfast, and your photographer and videographer will be there too.

She did lots of nibbles: salmon and cream cheese bites, granola bites, and mini cheese and onion muffins. You don’t need much, but as the bride, you’ll need to eat something and take the edge off the hunger. You don’t want to faint at the alter.


Bridesmaids Gifts

I loved giving my bridesmaids their gifts in the morning. I was really appreciative of all the time and effort they all put in. They came to choose their dresses, they all went for dress fittings. They bought their shoes in the colour I asked for. And no one moaned once!

I got them bracelets to wear on the day, each engraved with their initial.


Bracelet for bridesmaids with initial engraved


They went so well with the dresses, and I think (hope) they all loved them.


The wedding morning prep is such a lovely part of the day. It’s a time to try and chill, and be pampered. These are only a few accessories you might want to include. There are tonnes of others: personalised champagne glasses, robes for all your bridesmaids, balloons that spell out your wedding date or your initials. They don’t have to cost the world – you’ve spent enough as it is – but they look lovely in your photos.



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