How To Make Your Conservatory More Usable

How To Make Your Conservatory More Usable

Many people have had conservatories added to their home, but found they aren’t using it as much as they thought.

It can be used as a new dining room, a lounge, a TV room, many people have even used it as an office. Planning the interior of your conservatory is definitely an exciting task. All you need to do is to choose from the best conservatory installers in Birmingham.

But a conservatory can be an expensive addition to a house, and although they add value (and so should be seen as an investment), why pay for it if it’s going to sit unused? I’ve created a list of do’s and don’t’s when it comes to making your conservatory more usable and worthwhile.



  • make sure your conservatory is sufficiently insulated, otherwise it’ll lose too much heat in winter, making it cold and unusable.
  • fit some blinds of thermal curtains. The blinds can be closed so it doesn’t get too hot in summer, and will also give you privacy at night. Thermal curtains will help to keep the place warm in winter, otherwise you might lose a lot of heat, making your gas and electric bill rocket.
  • fit a proper central heating system through radiators or under-floor heating. It will prevent any potential damp problems too.
  • research different companies in your area. You’ll need someone reliable and with experience. A poorly-built conservatory will only decrease your home value.
  • plan in advance how the layout will work. Where will you put the sofa, the desk, the piano, etc.? Think about where you want the doors to go.


Large conservatory extension with dining table in



  • build it north facing. It won’t get the full use of the sunshine, and will be sunny in the morning but not in the evening, when you might want to use your conservatory more.
  • install a flat roof. The sound when the rain hits it will drown out any noise from the television, and might be distracting if you’re using your conservatory as an office.
  • skimp where you can. If you want your conservatory to look nice, and act as a proper extension, it’ll be costly. But you’ll reap the benefits.


When your conservatory has any faults, you won’t enjoy spending time in there. No-one wants to invest in a place that can only be used for a couple of hours during summer evenings. You can make your conservatory more usable by ensuring it is warm, cosy, an extension of your current house rather than feeling it’s separate.


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