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Interior Trends for 2019

The New Year is edging closer, and with that comes a whole host of new home trends to get to grips with.

Whether you’re making big changes to your interiors, or are just looking for some small and simple ways to revamp your home, knowing these interior trends for 2019 allows you to make decisions ahead of time that’ll keep your home on-trend and modern.


As time goes on, we’re seeing more in the news about plastic pollution, deforestation, and the general decline of our planet thanks to the way we live. Therefore, I predict that sustainability is going to be a big trend in 2019, as it continues to gain momentum and we all become more aware of the small ways in which we can help the planet we inhibit.

Whilst this does include things like reclaimed materials and up-cycled items, you’ll also notice brands are making this part of their collections too. Ikea are launching a new collection in Spring 2019, which includes plenty of natural materials.


A big part of interior trends for 2019, concrete will become bigger and better than ever. And not just concrete either, but anything remotely industrial. I personally can never get on with this trend, thinking it isn’t the cosiest way you could go about decorating your home.

But, incredibly tough and really practical, it makes a great addition to the home. It looks stunning in the bathroom, but can also be used in other rooms with small accessories. Concrete is great, because it can be smoothed and polished to give it a more sleek finish.

Warming neutrals

Grey has long been the go-to neutral for interiors, but in 2019 the neutral shades are far more elegant with nudes, oatmeal, honey and sand all featuring highly. These are far more warming that cool-toned grey, and look beautiful when paired with bold and rich colours.

The return of chrome

Whilst the warming effect of brass has been much-loved for some time, it seems that chrome is making a comeback in 2019. It looks great contrasted against deep burgundies or soft purples. Give your home an update with a statement chrome pendant light in your home. Light Supplier has some excellent options that won’t break the bank.

Rich jewel tones

Whilst we’ve seen navy, indigo and emerald green take over kitchens this year, they’re seeping into every other room in the home too. Living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms are getting richer and deeper with rich jewel tones that can be created with paint, fabric, rugs and accessories.

Green jewel tone chair against navy blue wall with gold decor accessories Sienna Teal Velvet Shell Chair £499. Giraffe Table £295. Golden Feather Mirror £92 from Audenza. Photo credit: https://www.audenza.com/sienna-teal-velvet-shell-chair

What interior trends for 2019 are you looking forward to the most?

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