Inspiration for your Christmas Fireplace

Inspiration for your Christmas Fireplace

I can’t get enough of Christmas decor at the moment. It makes your home come alive, and then your home feels empty again when it all comes down. 

There are so many ways you can introduce luxurious Christmas decorations into your home without spending loads of money. I recently wrote a post about buying Christmas decor under £40. I’m a huge money saver, and don’t see the point in spending loads of money on decor that will be up for a month of the year.  

The best way to do budget decor is to focus your decorations within certain areas. Rather than trying to decorate the entire house, maybe just do certain areas, like the dining room, the living room, etc. 

As the focal point of the room, your fireplace is the best place to start. It should be the area your eye is drawn to when you first enter the room, and therefore it’s the logical place to focus your Christmas decorations. 

No matter whether you have a gas or electric fire, or a log burner, there is always a way to decorate the mantelpiece or the hearth. Here’s some inspiration for your Christmas fireplace, and how to get the styling just right.


I love garlands because they’re so flexible (not literally). They can be as big or small as you want, adorned with berries and pine cones, or not adorned at all. 

The one in the photo below could be up all year round as it’s so subtle and doesn’t scream Christmas at you as you walk in the door. 

Christmas fireplace with garland along the mantel
Photo from Unsplash

To make it a little more Christmassy, you could add some giant letters that spell out ‘Joy’ or ‘Snow’, and add some fairy lights too. Or you could leave it as minimalist as you want. 


I just LOVE these quirky toy soldier ornaments from Craftberry Bush. They’re so sweet and add exactly the right vibe you want to create to get your house in the Christmas spirit. 

Photo credit: Craftberry Bush (photo linked to original post)

You should try to find some ornaments that add height, especially if you’ve got Christmas stockings that are hanging low. You can see that Lucy has balanced out the stockings with the soldiers that stand (almost) directly above them. She’s also added height with her candles in candle sticks. 

You can go subtle with a statue of a silver reindeer, or a snow globe that depicts a Christmas scene, or loud and proud as Lucy has done with her toy soldiers. 


There’s something truly cosy and, well, Christmas about stockings hanging on a fireplace. There are all kinds of styles you can buy, and you can get them personalised too. 

You can buy them to suit your colour scheme, and even buy them for your pets as well. Even if you don’t fill them with anything, they’ll look gorgeous throughout December, and are one of the cheapest decorations you can buy. 

How will you be decorating your fireplace this Christmas?

*Collaborative post

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