How to successfully remove a kitchen

How to successfully remove a kitchen

The biggest job of this house renovation is removing and replacing the kitchen.

When we bought our house, we knew it needed work. The decor was very dated, and probably hadn’t been changed for at least 30 years. Our mistake was thinking that we could simply strip some wallpaper and repaint, and replace the carpets.

Well, we were wrong.

The kitchen was removed after having the keys for two days. It was removed by Jay and my dad, and they said they didn’t even need tools for half of it, due to some damp problems from a leaking soil pipe (ew).

Kitchen before

The ‘before’ kitchen

The cupboards were rickity, falling apart, and extremely old-fashioned. I do remember my Grandpa coming to look round it and stating that it “wasn’t that bad and we should live with it as it is”. That didn’t happen.

Within two days the kitchen looked like this:

Removed kitchen

Skip #1 has been filled

Jay spent a few days taking all the tiles off the wall and floor. The floor tiles were cemented down rather than glued so, of course, most of the floor came up with the tiles, which meant we had to have it levelled.

removing kitchen tiles

Jay in his natural habitat

As you can see, the pipework is extensive and very old-fashioned, so we need to get those neatened up, and even replaced. The original soil pipe was fitted inside the house, which is meant to be very typical of a 1950s house. It has now been put outside the house and has therefore left us with some extra space inside the house.

I just love the space of this kitchen/diner. It’s a long, rectangle shape with some French double doors that open onto our back garden. We have two large windows in the kitchen as well, so the room is incredibly light and airy, which always makes a space feel bigger.

I’ll be posting again and keeping you updated!


  1. May 23, 2017 / 6:11 pm

    I know this was a little bit back, but I like looking at pictures of demolished kitchens! Trying to get myself ready to do this to ours tomorrow – bit scary really. But it has to be done and will be worth it (I think!!!)

    • sarahaelsley
      May 23, 2017 / 6:34 pm

      Absolutely! Ours really was old though, and the leak didn’t help either. It’s so worth it, ours looks amazing now.

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