Painting the Kitchen: A Huge Fiasco!

Painting the Kitchen: A Huge Fiasco!

Painting the kitchen was supposed to be the easy part, but it didn’t turn out so easy.

I was looking forward to painting, getting some music on, taking some snacks and generally having a good day. On Saturday morning, I got up early and went to the shop we’ve bought all our paint from so far. There was a new woman at the desk, but I didn’t question it. I bought the paint and then left to go to the house.

I arrived at the house and carried the paint inside. As I began to open it, I realised that I hadn’t thought to check it as I left the shop. Normally, I wouldn’t think to check but I knew that this company ran things differently.

They’re a shop for tradesmen as well as ‘normal’ customers, such as myself. Their trade colours have different names to the colours that are for regular customers. Which I knew, but I asked for the regular customer version when in the shop.

This was the colour I was going for:



and this is the one I ended up with:



Not even close. The one directly above is a paint by the same name (Shadow) but from the trade brochure. So they have two paints with the same name, that are completely different colours. And the woman had mixed them up.

But this isn’t the end of the terrible story.

I’d just got to the house which was a half an hour drive from the paint shop, before realising the mistake that had been made. So, no problem, just return it and switch for the right one. Right?

Wrong. They close at 12pm on a Saturday and are closed all day Sunday and my mistake was made at 12pm! How could I get so unlucky. I also work Monday-Friday 9-5 during the week, so it would be impossible to go back and get some more.

Luckily my Mum doesn’t work, and so on Monday she was able to go back and switch it all for me. All problems solved again, right?

No, wrong again. On Tuesday night, I went straight from work to the house. My mum joined me and we began painting. We ran out of paint. The sizes I bought were only enough for one coat. Which resulted in my mum returning to the paint shop for the second time on my behalf to buy more!

I spent the next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday completing the painting. It looks fab and I love the colours I’ve picked.

painting results





The colour is grey with a slight green tint to it so it matches the tiles, but not too much.

That is my achievement this week. What’s everyone else done?

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