5 Amazing Father’s Day Gift Ideas

5 Amazing Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I find my Dad the hardest person to shop for, and his birthday and Father’s Day always fall within the same week.

So today, I’m here to help you guys out, by giving you some unusual ideas for your Dad this Father’s Day.

My dad is a huge engineer and mechanics geek. He’s always taking things apart (which drives my mum mad). So to stop him wrecking her microwave, this build-your-own Porsche engine will keep him occupied for a few days.

This one is from MenKind, and at £99 is probably too pricey for my standard Father’s Day present. However you could always get other siblings to chip in too.

Father's Day : Porsche engine


This next gift is also a bit pricey, but is something different to your standard bottle of whiskey or wallet. This glamping trip is for two people for two nights.

Father's Day: glamping trip


John Lewis is offering this one for £99, possibly another present you could go halves on with a sibling.

My Dad is also a bit of a DIYer and has been helping us out on our house renovation. He loves any sort of power tool that is big and makes a loud noise. In fact, I was in a shop just the other day and he pointed out a chainsaw. Not sure what he’d do with it without a license, though. This cordless combi drill from John Lewis seems much more appropriate (and safe).


Father's Day Bosch drill


For those music-lover Dads, this guitar pick holder from Not on the High Street is for any guitar players. Picks are forever getting lost (hint: try looking down the back of the sofa). This one can also be personalised. It even has a keyring so you can attach it to anything you like.


Father's Day Guitar pickholder


And finally, for those beer drinkers, you could treat him to a home brew kit from Tesco.


Father's Day Home brew


I’ve tried to cover all angles in this post: DIY, adventure, music, engineering and beer! Do you find your Dad as difficult to shop for as I do?


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