Combining Luxury and Affordable Home Decor

Combining Luxury and Affordable Home Decor

Header photo credit: The Pink House, photo taken by Gavin Smith.

I’m a huge believer in affordable interiors, thinking you don’t need to spend lots to make your home beautiful.

In fact, all it might need is one luxury item amongst a mixture of affordable home decor to make a difference.

We think “luxury” and inevitably jump straight to “expensive”, and many of us don’t have the room in our personal budget for luxurious home decor.

Or at least, we don’t have the budget to make an entire room luxurious. If this is the case for you, like it is for me, then it might be worth considering just one luxurious item per room. Combining luxurious and affordable home decor has really worked for me in my house, and I’m not blowing the budget on ridiculous £100 vases.

Wondering if this could work for you? Here are a few suggestions on how you could add one luxury item to each room in your home.


One Luxury Item For…The Living Room

Don’t waste your one luxury item on technology. I think many people, given the chance to blow the budget on one item, might choose to go for a 50 inch, 4K HD television. Probably not a smart move.

Technology moves on so quickly, it’s likely that you’ll want a new television in 3 years’ time. And thus making your luxury splurge a waste of money.

If you want to go for luxury living in the living room (or a lounge as I call it), then look to your lighting. Good lighting is essential for living rooms. It helps to create an ambience, especially during the long nights of winter (why has it been so dark recently?!).

There are some STUNNING floor lamps out there—I’m currently shopping for one at the moment—and will be well worth the money. Some lamps can be used as art as well as a light, like these quirky star lamps:

Amazing Star lights from
Photo credit:
Black spotlight lamp from B&Q
This statement lamp from B&Q is £98

I love that spotlight lamp from B&Q* that definitely makes a statement.


One Luxury Item For…The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most social spaces in the house, so bar stools will always be a worthy investment. There are so many choices and styles to choose from.

I’ve fallen in love with these from Cult Furniture:

Affordable home decor light pink bar stool with long gold legs
Photo credit:

I absolutely love these bar stools from The Pink House (also used in the header image, photo credit: Gavin Smith). They’re a simple design that looks so effective.


One Luxury Item For…The Bedroom

What better item for your bedroom than luxurious bedding? You’ll definitely feel the reward of it at night, and it’ll also look amazing.

There’s SO many types and styles of bedding out there, you’ll definitely find something you like. I always like white bedding. It’s simple, and can be dressed up or down with pillows and throws. You can add as much colour as you want, or keep it neutral.

White bedding on a bed with cream headboard
Photo credit:

Luxury living doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of money. You can limit yourself to one luxury item per room, but keep the rest affordable home decor to get the perfect balance.

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