Tips for a warm and inviting home

Tips for a warm and inviting home

There’s nothing worse than living in a house that just will not stay warm in winter.

It’s like some terrible curse has been cast on your home which makes it seem like no matter what you do, heating the property is almost impossible.

If your home has a cold feel to it and is hard to heat, it is time to consider making some changes. Here’s how you can heat your home up this winter and stop living like an ice queen. Embrace warmth and cosiness and make get a warm and inviting home that is more enjoyable to spend time in.


Look at insulation

The first step that you should take when it comes to making your home somewhere that stays warmer for longer is to look at the insulation.

Could the issue be as simple as not having adequate insulation in place? Many houses, particularly ‘affordable houses’ are built with lower grade materials, which can mean that insulation is compromised on in terms of quality. It might be worth calling in a local specialist to determine whether your home could benefit from having additional insulation fitted.


Be smart about heating

Sometimes the reason that a property does not stay warm is because the heating is inadequate.

What this means is that your home may not have enough heating to heat the entire building, which could mean having new radiators installed, along with bunded oil tanks, if your heating is powered by oil.

There is also the option of having underfloor heating installed, which could potentially help to keep your home warmer for longer. It can often be wise to discuss your home’s heating solutions with a specialist, to determine whether there is anything that you could do differently to give your get a warm and inviting home.


Consider where heat is going

An important factor to consider if you struggle to heat your home is working out where all the heat is going, and why it isn’t staying where it should.

We’ve already discussed the possibility of insulation being an issue, but is that all the problem could be? Have you considered how draught proof your doors and windows are? Could the issue be fixed by investing in draught excluders for your doors and windows? Or, if you have the budget to replace them, replacing them could be an option that is worth considering.


Take the atmosphere into account

Another factor to consider is the look of your home; could the atmosphere be making it feel colder than it is? Simple things like investing in thick curtains, orange-hued lights rather than white-hued ones, setting candles and fairy lights around, and investing in a few comfortable soft furnishings, such as knitted throws and faux fur rugs, could be all it takes to make your home look and feel like a warm and inviting home.


Don’t spend the winter like an ice queen. Find ways to make your home warmer and cosier.


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