7 Home Improvements That Don’t Require Planning Permission

7 Home Improvements That Don’t Require Planning Permission

Are you bored of your home, but don’t want building work to go through planning permission? I’ve outlined 7 home improvements that don’t require planning permission, so you can start straight away!

The decision to improve your home is an exciting one for any homeowner, but it can quickly become stressful.

First, you’ve got to save up enough money, then you’ve got to find the perfect contractor, and then, on top of everything else, you have to get planning permission. 

There are plenty of home improvements that don’t require planning permission, so don’t let it hold you back. Here is a list of seven major ones to give you some inspiration.


Remodel The Inside

You can remodel the inside of your house however you like, without the need to seek planning permission, so you can do anything from adding new flooring to taking out entire walls (as long as you comply with building regulations).

This means that you can install one of those classic kitchens that you’ve had your eye on, buy a new bath, or even create an open-plan space for your kitchen, dining room, and living room.


Loft Conversion

Converting your loft into a new bedroom, a games room, or an office is a good way to utilise loft space, especially considering how little disruption it causes within your home and the fact that it usually doesn’t require planning permission.

As long as your loft isn’t more than forty cubic metres, you don’t intend to add height to the property, and the materials used are similar to the originals, you should be fine.

However, some areas don’t allow loft conversions at all, so always check.


Add a Porch

As a general rule, you always need to ask for planning permission if you intend to extend the front of your house. Adding a porch, however, is an exception to this rule.

As long as your porch is three metres or shorter, covers no more than three metres squared, and isn’t within two metres of a footpath you shouldn’t need planning permission. You also need to be sure to keep your original door where it is.


Garage Conversion

Garages are rarely used to store cars nowadays. Instead, they become sort of like a shed, holding tools and the occasional piece of forgotten gym equipment. This is a waste of space that could easily be used for a bedroom, an office, a family room, or a gym.

As your internal garages are a part of your home, they don’t usually require planning permission. But don’t extend the garage, as this does need permission.


Build a Conservatory

Conservatories are a great way to increase space in your home and can be the perfect place to spend your time, especially in the summer.

There are a few rules that you need to follow if you want to build a conservatory without planning permission. For example, it can’t be higher than your house, and can’t cover more than half of your garden. As long as you follow these rules, you can be on your way.

There are so many options to choose from with conservatories, so pick one to suit your style.


Build an Outbuilding

If you wanted a home office or a den that’s away from your home, then you’re in luck.

Certain types of outbuildings can be built without obtaining planning permission. Like with your conservatory, your outbuilding can’t cover more than half of the size of your garden, so as long as you have a large garden, you should be okay.

However, you have to remember that all extensions are taken into account to reach this total. If your conservatory covers a quarter of your garden, your outbuilding has to cover a quarter or less.


Two Becomes One

Nope, I’m not referencing the Spice Girls. I’m talking about converting two separate homes into one.

Do you live in a house or flat that’s attached to the one next door? You might be able to buy it and knock down a wall to double the size of your home.

However, don’t assume that you can do the opposite too. If you wanted to convert one home into two, you would need planning permission.


If you’re bored of your home, then I hope that these home improvements that don’t require planning permission inspire you.

Just make sure that you don’t undertake any work without checking with your local planning authority first. There is always a chance that the rules or regulations are different where you live.

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