Product Review: Christmas Flowers by Prestige

Product Review: Christmas Flowers by Prestige

Christmas flowers will always be a welcome gift from any family member, friend or colleague, if you’re stuck for ideas!

Christmas is my favourite time of year. I prefer it to my birthday, to Easter, to any other time of year. I love getting the tree and decorating it, I love putting a wreath on the door and trailing ivy up the stair bannister. Flowers and foliage are what makes Christmas. Could you have Christmas without a tree?!

When Prestige Flowers got in touch to send me a Christmas bouquet, I couldn’t say no. I adore fresh flowers, though we can’t afford to have them in the house all the time. They smell amazing, they look lovely when on the dining table, and generally cheer you up in the morning.


The Bouquet

The bouquet Prestige sent me was their Winter Warmer bouquet. The bouquet includes white chrysanthemums, white lilies (my favourite, and appearing in my wedding bouquet!), avalanche roses and Christmas stars. I loved that some of the leaves have been spray painted gold which really stands out amongst the green and white of the rest of the bouquet.

White flowers with green foliage and gold spray-painted leaves.


The flowers were well packaged in a large box. They weren’t in a bag of water, which was good as that could have made a mess if it exploded. Instead, there was a soaking piece of material that had been wrapped around the stems to keep the flowers fresh. Plant food also came with the bouquet to help them last.

The lilies were unopened which was great. I’d hate to order a bouquet of flowers that were already open as they barely last a few days. I’ve so far had the flowers four days and they show no sign of dying or wilting which is amazing.


The Extras

These particular Christmas flowers come with a box of chocolates, even if you order the smallest size. Prestige Flowers also sent me a vase, which was completely unexpected (it normally costs extra). We didn’t own a vase, so I was worried about what I would put them in, but their thoughtful touch helped me out a lot.

They also added in a personalised note for me which brightened up my day!



The flowers are currently £24.99 down from £36.99 which is a nice £12 saving and would do well as a Secret Santa gift, a thank you gift, or something else.



Wonderful flowers, at a very reasonable price, and the perfect gift for Christmas!


*I have been gifted with this product in order to provide a honest review. Opinions are my own. 


  1. December 10, 2017 / 3:55 pm

    These colours are beautiful and they are exactly the same style as my Christmas tree and would look perfect in my kitchen. I’ve never actually thought of ‘Christmas flowers’ but it makes sense, to me artificial decorations in the kitchen could be a hazard but these would be practical. There’s also a pretty good discount on them so I might even order some for the other women in my family.
    Ffi | The Essence of Red

    • sarahaelsley
      December 10, 2017 / 5:15 pm

      They really were lovely flowers. I’d recommend them!

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