What Outbuildings Add Home Value?

What Outbuildings Add Home Value?

Sometimes when you’re buying a house, there are other things to focus on than just the house itself.

Outbuildings can make for excellent storage and can actually add value to your home.

There are so many ways you can utilise outbuildings for your lifestyle. We’ve listed just a few types of outbuildings and how they can make your home more desirable.



The classic shed is an essential for any house. Everyone needs somewhere to house their lawnmower, BBQ, spare garden chairs and gardening tools.

In the UK, we’re not blessed with lovely weather all year round so things have to go into storage to stop them from getting ruined. Sheds are normally a standard in the UK and will be a sought after storage solution for most home buyers.



Sheds, garages, what’s the difference? Garages are usually much bigger and might be better for housing things more securely. You can choose to keep your car in here, or use it for general storage.

Most home buyers like garages as they can be renovated into large kitchens, home offices or something else. The options for garage use is endless!


Farm building with a orange sunset behind it

Farm buildings and stables

Buying a farm is a dream for some and a nightmare for others. Farm life can be tough, but there are some truly stunning farmhouses out there. Farm buildings made from steel will be a must for farmers as a place to store large machinery.

If you’ve bought an ex-farm, and have an outbuilding that you can’t use, consider hiring it out to local farmers for their own belongings. This will bring you some extra income and make an unused space useful.

Stables are wonderful outbuildings that can be renovated into on-site cottages that you can hire out. Or, if you’re a budding horse enthusiast, you might consider setting up a livery yard to bring extra income in.


If you have the time, there are all sorts of things you can do to utilise outbuildings. Land is something that attracts lots of buyers as everyone wants stunning views and large family gardens. This is why outbuildings will increase the desirability of your home as well as its ability to sell quickly.


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