When to Freshen up your Flooring

When to Freshen up your Flooring

Replacing your flooring is the one job that actually doesn’t create that much mess and can change the feel of a room in an instant.

Our flooring is probably the thing that takes a beating the most in our home. It has to cope with dirty shoes, dust, food, spillages, and our pets. It’s the one home decor item that can really start to look dirty and grimy if it’s not looked after properly.

It might be time to freshen up your flooring if it no longer makes you happy. It’s a relatively cheap fix, and will change the look of the entire room. So how do you know when it’s time?


It’s Cold

Are you fed up of going downstairs in the morning, or padding into the bathroom onto freezing cold tiles. I hate cold flooring. Especially in winter when you’re a toasty little marshmallow in bed, and you know that cold floor is waiting for you.

I love tiles, but I would be put off them because they look and feel cold. Wooden flooring is also one for feeling a bit cold, especially if you’ve got original flooring. Cold air can come up through the floorboards if they haven’t been sealed.

You can install some kind of underfloor heating to combat the cold. This is a dream of mine! Then whack some brand new flooring over the top and job done.

Or you can also swap it for carpet (probably not advisable in a kitchen or bathroom though). Alternatively, I’m all about budget interiors, and getting all new flooring just because you’re a bit chilly might not be an option. You could buy a new rug for the places you’re most likely to put your feet down such as by the bed or in front of the sofa.


It’s Squeaky

It’s probably a good idea to freshen up your flooring if you’ve got lots of squeaky floorboards. Floorboards can squeak for a variety of reasons, such as loose nails or poorly fitted joists.

There are lots of ways to fix a squeaky floorboard. If it’s because of a gap between the floorboards and joist causing a noise, you may be able to wedge something underneath to fill the gap and stop the squeaking.

If it’s an issue with the nails, you may have to insert new nails or lubricate these nails to prevent the squeaking. Sometimes the nails simply need tightening as constant walking over the boards loosens them.


It’s Stained

So I wouldn’t throw carpets or rugs out due to a few stains. It would have to be really bad. Try everything you can think of first: buying carpet cleaner, hiring a Rug Doctor, hiring a professional cleaner. If none of these things work (unlikely, but you never know), then the floor needs to go.

If the floor is a busy walk through route, then a carpet or rug might not be a good idea. Look into more stain resistant materials like hard wood or laminate.


It’s Warping

Warped or buckled wooden flooring is often the result of the wood being exposed to too much moisture. There could be rising damp, which could require some kind of sealant. It might also be worth seeing where this damp is coming from to see if there’s something worse lurking under the floor.

Alternatively, the warping could be due to too much water on the surface. If you have a laminated floor and constantly mop it with water, this could be the reason.


It’s Got Gaps

Wooden floorboards naturally expand and contract with temperature. When laid down, there should be just enough space between these wooden floorboards to allow for this movement. Too much space could result in gapping (literally what it suggests: large gaps in between the floorboards). No space at all could result in peaking – causing the wood to peak up in a tent shape as the wood has no room to expand.

You may need to relay the flooring to prevent this from happening further. You could also try temperature control (not letting your house get too hot or too cold), but this can be difficult, and might not make much difference to your floor.

If you’re getting new wooden floors put down, make sure the fitter knows to keep a reasonable gap for expansion and shrinking. Any decent company should know this already.


Hopefully, all your flooring woes should now be solved. These tips should freshen up your flooring and make a big difference to your home!

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