Interior Design for a Peaceful Bedroom

Interior Design for a Peaceful Bedroom

Craving the peaceful bedroom you’ve always wanted? Here’s how you can achieve it.

Me and Jay are planning our next big room renovation: the master bedroom. I’ve got so many ideas about how I want the finished space to look, but I’ve been deciphering how to achieve the ultimate peaceful bedroom.

It’s something we all want: an uncluttered, child-free space where we can enjoy a proper night’s sleep. Sound good? Here’s how to get it.


Use Calming Colours

It’s best to avoid harsh and bright colours in your bedroom. Pink and yellow aren’t exactly going to help your brain settle in for a good night’s sleep.

Your peaceful bedroom should be made up of calming colours like green or blue, and also dark colours. Don’t be afraid of dark colours in a bedroom. It’s probably not ideal for doing make up in, but that’s what we’ve got a bathroom for!

Navy blue or dark green walls will make your bedroom feel much more peaceful. If you’re scared of these colours, you can lighten them by using light coloured bedding, shelving, artwork or furniture.


Use Lots of Fabric

Bedrooms can look harsh with all that wood of the wardrobe, the bedside tables and the bed. But we want them to be cosy places to sleep. You can do this by adding lots of soft furnishings. You’ll need lots of rugs, throws, cushions, curtains, etc.

If you find that you often get bored of your interiors, these soft furnishings are the easiest and cheapest things to change. You don’t want to be buying a new bed every year at £1000 a go. Instead, you can change your duvet cover and throws. You can change the cushion covers (every week if you want to!). Soft furnishings are my favourite thing. They’re so versatile and easy to style.


Curtains for the Perfect Touch

Curtains not only help to soften a room, but they also help to keep the light out, meaning you get the best night’s sleep possible.

Maybe you have a streetlight right outside your room, or just hate when the sun rises early in the summer. If you’re a light sleeper, this can have a huge impact on your sleep quality.

Curtains are also a must for dressing your window. Depending on how they’re placed they can make the ceiling look higher. Always put the rail as high as possible on the wall, and use floor-length curtains for more effect.

For large windows, or high ceilings, Yorkshire Linen’s ready-made curtains will help you finish the look.


No Technology

Some people find this extremely difficult, but I refuse to have a TV in my bedroom. I always read for at least 20 minutes before I go to sleep. It gives my brain a chance to settle and also gives it a break from blue light.

Electronic devices emit blue light which your brain can mistake for daylight. Therefore, you’re tricking your brain into thinking it’s mid-afternoon. You should really cut out all blue light for two hours before you go to bed (but that’s a little bit too much reading, even for me).

Avoid watching TV in bed before you go to sleep, as you may find your sleep to be disrupted.

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