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How to Use Statement Lighting

Lighting is something that many people use because they have to. But how often have you thought to use statement lighting as a piece of decor or art?

You can use statement lighting in your home so easily. It’s affordable and is the sort of thing you can put up yourself in half an hour. Lighting makes a huge difference to your home. You wouldn’t put a tiny light on a huge wall, or one small light over a large dining table. Lighting is all about the effect the light has when it’s turned off as well as on.

So how can you use lighting to make a statement, and why is it important to do so?


To Zone a Space

Without a focal point, a space is lost. There’s nowhere for your eye to go. You need a statement object that your eye is instantly drawn to, which pulls you into the room. If you have a large open plan space, there can be confusion as to what its focal point is. Zone a room by hanging a statement light to separate the room into smaller sections so your brain can take it all in.

For example, if you have a large kitchen diner, the focal point will be the dining table. Use statement lighting here to make it the subject of the room. Lighting designer, Paula Arntzen, owns Studio Arntzen which has lots of beautiful statement lights available. Take a look at that stunning butterfly light in the header.

The bigger and more detailed the light, the better. It will draw your attention up to the ceiling, making the ceiling appear higher than it is. Visit the design light shop to get inspiration for your next statement light.


To fill an empty space

Have you ever felt like something is just missing but you couldn’t put your finger on it? Lighting is an excellent way to fill a boring space. Use statement lighting above your staircase, on large walls, in bare corners, etc.


Use statement lighting over your staircase. Large staircase with long hanging lights.


Use tall floor lights that shine the light up the wall. This will not only add interest but can also make the ceiling feel higher again, which is wonderful if you have a smaller home.

To create ambience

Sometimes we do actually need to use the lights we’ve placed everywhere. You can add lights that not only come in handy but also create an atmosphere, like putting down lights under kitchen units. It will light up the work surface when you’re preparing food, but also create a lovely effect.

This lit-up sideboard adds a subtle amount of light, but is also useful for being able to see what’s in the cupboard.


Breakfast bar with hanging pendant lights and sideboard with lit-up backdrop.



People can sometimes be scared of anything statement – bold patterns, bold colours, mixing patterns. But using the right statement lighting in the right way can make a huge difference to the feel of your home.


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