Household Essentials We Still Haven’t Bought

Household Essentials We Still Haven’t Bought

We bought our house in January 2017, have been living there 4 months, and there are still so many household essentials we haven’t bought yet that we desperately need.

A couple of weeks ago, we finally started buying some home accessories. It was a great start and now we actually have a living room light!

However, there’re still a lot of household essentials we need. All of these things are driving me mad. They’re all little objects that help a lot in daily life, hence why they’re called household essentials. Here’s what we need to buy.


Blinds and curtains

When we bought the house, we had vertical blinds everywhere. They weren’t to my taste, but they worked and they blocked the neighbours’ vision into the house.

My biggest regret is watching Jay get annoyed with the venetian blinds when we took them down to paint, and seeing him throw them into the skip outside. I didn’t even try to stop him, and that was the biggest mistake we could have made.

Our window in our living room is wider than standard, so we’d need to pay for tailor-made. The blinds we had were perfectly good and useful! Now we have a pair of old curtains masking taped to the window frame until we can afford proper blinds and curtains (probably after the wedding).

Household essentials includes curtains and blinds

You can just see in this picture the curtains that are taped up.

I’d love some aluminium blinds for the kitchen and landing from somewhere like Ambition Blinds, and a Roman blind on the large living room window with floor-length curtains too. We’ll get there one day!


Wall lights

Our landing still has wires hanging out the wall where our wall lights need to go. I’ve even found some that I like but still haven’t got around to buying them.

Once we do have them, however, we won’t be able to use them. Why? Because we don’t have ANY blinds or curtains in our house (as explained above) and all the neighbours will see us doing the naked run to the bathroom in the mornings. Not ideal.

Stumbling upstairs once we’ve set the alarm isn’t ideal, so we do need to buy some ASAP, especially now it’ll be getting dark at 4pm.


Garlic crusher

A small and cheap household essential that I could probably buy tomorrow. But I haven’t got round to it yet and every time I chop garlic by hand I curse myself and wish that I would just buy one. But still, I don’t.

I also don’t want to buy a cheap one just because I need one. I want a nice heavy duty one that will last a long time and is easy to clean.


Utensil Holder

I love our kitchen draining board. I know it’s an odd thing to love, but it’s built into the granite and just looks smooth and clean. We bought a stainless steel drying rack for the draining board, but we still don’t have a utensil holder.

I’d like it so we can stand the cutlery upright while it dries. At the minute, they end up in a puddle of water, not drying. Again, a minor household essential, but still important.


I feel like I need to invest in all these basic household essentials before I go mad. They’ll make my life so much easier!

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