A Guide to Decorating your Child’s Bedroom

A Guide to Decorating your Child’s Bedroom

Stuck with decorating your child’s bedroom? This guide will help you! 

As someone who loves interior design and decorating, I have to say that bedrooms are probably my favourite room in the entire house.

I like them because you can do something completely different from the rest of your house. It’s the only room that no one else will ever see. Everyone’s bedroom is like their own little haven where they can fully express themselves. It allows you to play around with unique styles and interior design ideas that you wouldn’t consider elsewhere in your home.

Designing your own bedroom is easy as you know exactly what you like and can fit things to your personality.

But, what if you’re decorating a bedroom for your children? I thought I’d take this opportunity to write a little guide for any parents out there struggling to create their child’s dream bedroom.


Ceiling & Wall Art

Funky, colourful wall art will always be a popular choice with children. Especially if it’s something interactive that they can create too, like using chalkboard paint so they can draw on the walls themselves!

You can create amazing designs yourself, perhaps based on their favourite colour or TV character, that can be created into wall murals. You could pick a theme such as a forest full of animals, and make their bedroom come to life. 

How about even putting some art on the ceiling too? Why not make their ceiling look like the sky, and add stars that glow in the dark for when they go to sleep. 

Kids will love this, and it’ll make bedtime a little bit special. I think both these ideas are really good for making a room more child-friendly. It breaks the mould from typical boring room design where you use basic colours on the walls and plain wallpaper.


Funky Beds

I always wanted a cool bed as a child. I’d see school friends with funky beds where the frame was designed to look like something else. Every Christmas I’d look through the Argos catalogue and spot a bed that was designed to look like a doll’s house. I wanted that bed so badly! It never happened (cue the sad violins). 

A funky bed will be brilliant for your child as it just makes their room look and feel more fun. They will love how cool their bed looks, and it makes them feel unique and special (and hopefully, it’ll make them want to go to sleep in it, which is key).

Nowadays, there are loads of stylish bunks beds for kids that are made to look like different things such as London buses, tree houses, etc. Children adore bunk beds because they’re slightly different to what most people sleep on. 

From a practical perspective, a bunk bed provides your child with more space as they take up less room on the floor. Especially if you have two kids sharing one room. Now you can sleep them in the same place without taking up most of their floor space with two beds.


A Play Area

The layout of your child’s bedroom is extremely important if you want them to get the most out of it. Some people will put their child’s bed in the middle of the room. But it’s actually better to push the furniture to the edge of the room to create a big, open space for the children to play in. 

Like what Renovation Bay-Bee has done! 

Girls' bedroom of pink and blue with beds and a desk by a window
Photo credit: https://www.blog.bay-bee.co.uk/twin-girls-bedroom-reveal/

Giving your child enough room to play is essential. It means they can get all their toys out and play in their bedroom for as long as they want. As such, they won’t spend as much time playing all over the house. 

Thus (hopefully), their mess will be contained in their bedroom. Or at least that’s the plan. You should also find some clever storage units for all their toys to go into and utilise under-bed storage as much as possible.


Soft Carpet

The floor is an important decision when it comes to a child’s bedroom. Carpet might not be ideal because of the potential for stains. However, carpet is preferable to wood floor or laminate flooring, where they might slip and hurt themselves.

Hard wood is exactly that: hard. Toys are more likely to break if dropped on the floor, and it might hurt if children fall onto it. Carpet is much softer.

With this in mind, the best thing to do is choose a carpet that has a pattern, or multiple tones so stains don’t show up. 


The four ideas here will set you on your way to decorating your child’s bedroom. You’ve given them a very cool room thanks to the wall and ceiling art. You’ve provided them with a unique bed that they’ll absolutely love. And, you’ve made enough space for a play area on a soft carpet. Now, you can think about extras like the different furniture you might have.

Happy decorating!

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