Update your Dining Room Easily

Update your Dining Room Easily

Want to update your dining room without spending tonnes of money? 

The dining room is where you socialise with friends and family, and it’s where you share food that you’ve made for one another. That’s why it’s such an important room in your home.

But it does often get overlooked and neglected a little. It’s usually the very last room in the house that people think of decorating. It’s the one they come to when they’ve already renovated the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room.

So, if you’re going to update your dining room, it’s important to get it right and dedicate as much love and care to it as you did to the other rooms in your home.


Go Big With the Lighting

There are so many lighting options to consider when you’re updating your dining room. You want to be able to create a space that is light and bright, without being blinding. 

However, the dining room is the best place to put a statement light. You should go big and make a statement with your lighting choices. So opt for a chandelier or another form of hanging light. You can get away with a low hanging, bold light that sits over the dining table, like we’ve gone for. 

Dining table with pendant light over it
Our pendant light from Next gets loads of compliments!

Upgrade Your Sitting Arrangements

The dining room is for dining (though to be honest, we don’t use it so much, either), so it’s only right that you pay close attention to the seating in this space. It’s definitely necessary to upgrade them if you want this makeover to be properly complete. A good dining table and chairs is what makes a dining room what it is. So, be sure to get this right before going any further.

We’ve been meaning to re-cover the teal ones in the photo above since we got the table, and I haven’t got around to it yet! 


Think About Opening Up Onto the Garden

Many dining rooms lead off into the garden.

If yours does too, this is something that you should really try to make the most of. By doing so, you’ll make the most of both your garden and your outdoor space during the warm summer months. It can really add something to the space and make it feel lighter if you get this right.


Update the Room’s Wallpaper

Wallpaper is still seen as something used a lot in the 80s, that is ugly. But there are some beautiful wallpapers out there that will transform the entire room. 

However, if you haven’t changed your wallpaper in a number of years, it might be starting to feel a little old and dated by now. Have a look at all the options out there, and choose something classy and completely not subtle.

Karen from Making Spaces stripped back her wallpaper and decided she liked the effect so much, she decided to leave it blank! I think it works really well, and look at what she’s done with her lighting! 

Dining room of Karen with dining table
Photo credit: https://blog.making-spaces.net

Add Something Natural

Finally, you need to add some natural elements to your dining space. This is one of the factors that often gets forgotten about. The right flowers in this room can make all the difference. It’s one of those small changes that can turn a good dining room into a truly great one. A natural touch can be anything from a bunch of flowers to some greenery.

If you’re doing a weekly shop, take a look in your supermarket for a cheap bunch of flowers, and buy some every week to brighten up the dining room. They can be as cheap as £3!

Your dining room is one of the most important rooms in your home, so it’s definitely worth planning a makeover in detail.

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