Why You Might Consider a Bathroom Renovation

Why You Might Consider a Bathroom Renovation

Taking on a bathroom renovation is a big and scary decision.

You might be lucky enough to have multiple bathrooms, but if, like me, you have one, that one is kind of important. Without it, you can’t shower or use a toilet.

When we did our house renovation, we didn’t have a working toilet, sink or shower for 8 weeks. But luckily we weren’t living there. But the days when I was stripping wallpaper for 6 hours were a struggle. Which is how I got to know all the neighbours, by using their toilets!

Bathrooms are a big part of a household, and they’re the one room we can’t sacrifice.  Yet, bathrooms are sometimes a little outdated, and the amount of water exposure means the room can get a lot more damaged than other areas in the house.

Below are a few good reasons as to why you should undergo a bathroom renovation.

It Adds a lot of Value

If your bathroom has been updated recently with new water fixtures and new shiny tiles, you’re going to be able to sell your house a lot faster and for a higher price.

There’s a very good return investment on bathroom renovations alone, often garnering over a 100% profit when it comes to navigating the market.

If you’re not planning on selling up, your bathroom can still hold a lot of personal value. Maybe you paid for everything in it, or painted the ceiling (like me). Even if you just love your walk-in shower. There will be parts of your bathroom that you love.

You can change the layout

Maybe you hated the way the shower was right behind the door, or thought there wasn’t enough space between the toilet and the sink. If you’re doing a bathroom renovation, these are the sorts of things you can change.

Have an experiment with the layout and think about where things could logically go for better access.

Making a bathroom accessible is great for early mornings and late nights, and for guests who have difficulty walking or manoeuvring in any way. You could consider ease of access when your parents or grandparents come over.

The one problem with our house is that the only bathroom is upstairs, and there’s no room downstairs for a small toilet and sink. Luckily, my grandparents are all quite healthy, and don’t struggle with stairs yet.

It’s Water Efficient

Water efficiency is a big problem a lot of us face, and that means we need to make it easier to adhere to. Why not install a tankless source that makes sure you don’t use more than your necessary 5 minutes worth?

If you’re the type of person who likes to spend a while in the shower, taking care of your hair and skin, try to cut down. Look into the best tankless water heater for you or your family’s needs, as a lot of heaters come with different specifications, and you may need to go big or small.

Bathrooms are always a worthy investment! We renovated ours and now it’s a lovely space I can chill out in. You can see our bathroom before and after here!

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