Things to Remember Whilst Renovating a Bathroom

Things to Remember Whilst Renovating a Bathroom

Thinking of renovating a bathroom? There’s LOADS to think about.

Bathrooms can be difficult places to decorate and design. We need them to be practical, but also look and feel nice, which is a bit of a challenge. This post gives you plenty of ideas for when you’re renovating a bathroom, and also things you need to look out for.

Leave Space

It’s a good idea when designing your new bathroom to leave plenty of space for decorative touches. You might want shelves on the walls with mini products, towels, and plants on. You might want to add a product stand for all your body wash and conditioner.

Storage is SO important in a bathroom, as there isn’t much room for cupboards and big units in them. You’ll need to use the walls and any windowsills to create storage.

Kate at House Mix shows us how you can utilise shelves in a bathroom that look amazing too.

Plants covering one bathroom wall on shelves

She’s turned such a plain space into a real feature, and I love it! You could add loads of things to those shelves so they work as storage, and not just a decorative feature.

Think About Essentials

When me and Jay renovated our bathroom, we forgot to add an electric charger for razors and toothbrushes. Oops. Luckily, we have adaptors so we can plug these devices into the wall to charge. But it’s just something we never thought about.

You need to think about where the electric shower switch can go. If you want it in the bathroom, you’ll have to have a pull cord. We opted for a switch outside the bathroom.

Where’s the best place for the toilet?

There’s SO many questions to ask yourself, that it can all get a big confusing. You should seek professional help if you get stuck, as there are experts that will think of things you haven’t whilst renovating a bathroom. They’ve done it all a million times before (just don’t ask me and Jay because we’ve done it once and forgot about leaving a space for a toilet roll holder).



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