Five Bespoke Furniture Pieces Worth Investing In

Five Bespoke Furniture Pieces Worth Investing In

Let’s face it, the thought of spending a ton of money on a piece of bespoke furniture when you’d usually shop at Ikea seems unnecessary.

However, investing in a few key pieces of quality bespoke furniture can be well worth it, not only for your interior design but surprisingly your bank account too.

I’ve teamed up with Jacob Furniture UK, a bespoke furniture and cabinet making company based in Warrington for this piece, to share with you their top five bespoke furniture pieces worth the investment.


A quality dining room table

Traditionally sitting down as a family at meal times was seen as a rather formal old fashioned tradition. However, recently the dining room has become a growing feature in British homes and I love it! Even if you don’t have a dining room though, every home needs a quality table to enjoy meals on, whether eating alone or with friends. Jacob Furniture’s Oak Dining Table, is a lovely handmade solid oak piece, with a ‘distressed’ look that would add character to any home.


A luxury statement headboard

A bespoke headboard is the most luxurious way to create a statement in a bedroom. One of my favourite money saving hacks for an expensive looking bedroom is to buy a cheaper bed frame and jazz it up with a more expensive headboard. We’ll be renovating our bedroom over the next few months (FINALLY) and I’m really excited to start playing around with some themes and ideas.

Some of my favourites from Jacob Furniture’s bespoke collection are this stunning crushed velvet headboard, which can be upholstered to any fabric in any colour and the Parker headboard with a contemporary design and oak wood frame which can be polished to your chosen colour.

Baker headboard from Jacobs as piece of bespoke furniture

Baker headboard


Parker headboard from Jacobs

Parker headboard


These are from their ‘Jacob Collection’, however, the sky’s the limit and you can have them design a completely bespoke headboard just for you such as the Bespoke Headboard and Bedroom Seat they made recently for a private client.


A ‘Welcome Home’ console table

The perfect warm welcome to any home entrance is a beautiful console table, such as this bespoke Oak Console Table, which can be polished to any colour and can be any size with handles of your choice. No matter the size of your home a console table can work for you because of its thin width and will keep you from losing your keys, such a bonus!


Personalised cabinet making for cramped spaces

Bespoke cabinet making offers ultimate design capabilities for any home but particularly to make the most of awkward or cramped spaces, an issue that many first-time home owners will face. Cabinet making is one of the best ways to add extra storage or a bit of quirk to any home and make can be made exactly how you want it. You only have to look at a few of these cabinet making case studies to realise it can be designed for homes of any size.


Spectacular ‘wow’ centre pieces

And finally, my favourite bespoke furniture piece to invest in is a general ‘wow’ piece. I am a firm believer that every home needs at least one piece that makes guests say wow. Some of my favourite Jacob Furniture ‘wow’ pieces are these Bespoke High Wingback Chairs they designed for a private clients bedroom in Hale Barnes and more recently this circular sofa created for Radio 6 DJ Chris Hawkins and television weather presenter Clare Nasir. However, your ‘wow’ piece could be literally anything for any room and make sure that it is guaranteed to impress.


Why bespoke?

Bespoke furniture is a real investment. Due to the high quality of the materials and the systems used to build the furniture pieces, they last far longer than more mass-produced products. Of course, it would be unrealistic for first-time buyers to commission all bespoke furniture pieces for their interiors, but one to two quality items can really add a ‘wow’ factor to their homes.


This is a collaborative post, all of the bespoke furniture pieces in this blog are available from Jacob Furniture UK.

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