Review: Supakit Cat and Dog Collars

Review: Supakit Cat and Dog Collars

Are you considering Supakit cat and dog collars for your pet? You should be!

We’ve just got a new cat, Lily, a couple of weeks ago (as you’ll know if you follow me on Twitter due to all the cat spam), and she’s really become part of the family very quickly. We’ve been debating getting her a collar for a while but hadn’t got around to it. Then Supakit got in touch about their Supakit cat and dog collars.

The Packaging

On first glance, the box is small, neat and will fit through most standard letter boxes. I picked a red collar for Lily, who’s 6, and it arrived really quickly.

Inside the box, there is a small booklet about how to look after your collar, how to fit it, how to remove the bell, and how to provide feedback. There is also a business card that tells you how to share your new collar on Twitter and how you could win ‘Supakit of the Month’!

Supakit packaging and leaflets

The Collar

The collar is such good quality. At first, I thought ¬£17-21 for a collar was quite a lot, but it’s real leather and really sturdy so I actually can’t argue about the price. The collar won’t come off easily which is good as cats are mischievous and get in all sorts of nooks and crannies. Lily is an indoor cat, so there’s less chance of her losing it, but an outdoor cat wanders and collars can become snagged.

The catch comes apart by pulling firmly. This is designed so that if your cat gets the collar stuck on a branch, they can pull away and the collar will come off, rescuing your cat. This is an excellent safety feature.

lily cat on the sofa with her supakit collar

The collar has a bell that’s removable if your cat isn’t sure of the noise.¬†With Lily as a rescue cat, we don’t know about her history, or if she’s used to wearing a collar. We weren’t too sure how she would react to it. It turns out that she doesn’t mind the bell at all. Indoor cats don’t really need collars, but we love the bell. We can hear where she is and if she’s being mischievous. I could hear her bell upstairs somewhere, and went to check on her. She was only on the bathroom windowsill eating my plant! So the bell comes in useful.

The collar can be adjusted quite a lot depending on the size of your cat. Supakit cat and dog collars also come for puppies and kittens, and these are a bit cheaper. Lily’s quite a small cat, but the collar fits her perfectly and doesn’t seem to annoy her at all.

Leili and Kevin founded Supakit after their own cats kept destroying their collars, and taking them off. They wanted to design one that was comfortable, and they have absolutely achieved that.

What she thought of it

As you can tell, she’s very comfortable with her new collar!

lily cat asleep on the sofa

At first, she was trying to wriggle backwards out of it and was trying to remove the bell. I really didn’t think she’d settle into it, but within ten minutes she’d left it alone and it doesn’t bother her at all!

I love being able to hear where she is, and if she’s being mischievous.

lily cat on the sofa in her red collar

I’d recommend to anyone with a cat or dog!


*This post is in collaboration with Supakit. All opinions are my own.

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